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Grey Ghost Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Grey Ghost Farm produces naturally raised, custom cut and finished lamb, garden and hothouse crops in Springhouse, BC. The family owned and operated farm raises primarily South African Dorper, with Texel cross commercial meat lambs. Products include custom cut lamb, sausage, long english cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and more. Grey Ghost Farm hosts those interested in learning about natural food production.

Contact Amy at 250-392-2027;

The Other Side of the Fence

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

We are a family farm located in the beautiful North Shuswap focusing on regenerative farming and pasture based livestock. We raise purebred Shetland sheep for meat, wool and breeding stock. Our sheep (and other livestock) areraised on natural perennial pastures and feed on grass, shrubs and weeds for most of the year and are fed grass hay once the snow flies. We are committed to providing our customers with the healthiest and most environmentally friendly food possible, our motto is Grass is Greener!

Our products are available by order and at the Celista and Salmon Arm Westgate markets.

Don’t forget to ask about our other products (vegetables, fruit, pork, etc.)

Contact Jeff Diment at 250-463-1886 or email us at

We are located at 5583 Line 17 Road, Celista, BC

Aveley Ranch

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Aveley Ranch; a peaceful natural setting where hard work produces abundance from the land. The Moilliet family has always worked together, teaching skills to the younger, respecting the wisdom of the older. Keeping with family tradition, Grandfather’s third and fourth generation continues to shepherd and nurture the flock through life’s seasonal cycle.

Aveley lambs are born through the month of April and then go out to fresh spring pasture with their mothers, only weeks later. Having a broad and diverse selection of over 20 different species of forage, absolutely no grain, and of course, lots of rich milk from their mothers, ensures healthy animals with meat extremely high in omega-3 and CLA fatty acids, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. These super health benefits are found in very low to non-existent levels in grain finished lambs.

During the summer months, the lambs visit the beautiful alpine meadows of our mountain range where they are protected from predators by guardian dogs and skilled shepherds as they graze the rich alpine salad bars of native fireweed, valerians, and lupine. These high elevation forages have been proven to produce higher levels of CLA fatty acid in the animals that graze them than low elevation forages.

We do not feed any growth hormones of any kind, or grain as mentioned above, and although we administer antibiotics and parasite control products, we do so selectively and sparingly, all the while striving to prevent health problems rather then just treating them.

We believe that the extremely nutritious and natural green diet that we provide our lambs not only offers the customer an incredibly healthy and nutrient dense food, but also an exceptionally tasting meat full of tenderness, flavor, and quality.

Lambs are butchered from September through November when they are properly finished. Orders can be made on our order form and should be placed before September 1st to ensure availability of custom cut options. However orders can be placed up until November 1. Standard cut lambs and individual cuts are available throughout the year as long as supplies last. Once we receive your order we will send you a confirmation e-mail and let you know when your lamb is ready for pick up or arrange delivery if possible.

Please call us at 1.250.676.9574 or email


Bence Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Our family has been farming, in Delta, for three generations, and plan to continue farming for many, many more. We sell fresh, local lamb (cut, wrapped, and frozen) for your convenience. We pride ourselves on quality and freshness and aim to provide our customers with a great tasting local product.
We offer whole lamb custom orders, which allows customers the option to choose cuts of preference, such as rack of lamb, lamb chops, leg and shoulder roasts, shoulder steaks, mince, shanks and many more. We also sell our lamb from the freezer at a local summer farmers market. Here we offer individual cuts, which are wrapped and frozen, for those who wish to purchase by the piece or preferred cut.
We thank you for your support in helping us to provide high quality and local lamb to our communities.
Diane and Shawn Bence


 Spokin Lake Farms

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb
We raise meaty, lean market ready lambs from a carefully selected flock of 90 ewes. Suffolk, Texel, Rideau Arcott & Dorset

Lambs are available in the 80 – 130 lb. range from Sept. thru Dec.

Lambs are pasture raised and after weaning at 4 months are fed 1 1/2 – 2 lbs. a day of alfalfa pellets and barley while grazing on pasture, until finished.

Anna, Mike & Ian Doherty    250-296-4329

150 Mile House, BC

spokin farm

Olde Country Registered Sheep

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

My goal is to raise strong reliable Suffolk and Charollais well muscled and with good style.

I enjoy my quality registered Suffolk and Charollais sheep and the success of good lambs from my commercial sheep.

Rams and ewes available RR scrapie resistant.
Prolific ewes; Good milkers; Growthy lambs.
Some trucking available BC to Alberta.

Olde Country Registered Sheep
Suffolk and Charollais Quality Replacement Stock
2123 Bradford Ave.
Sidney, B.C. V8L 2C6
250-656-2378     Cell 250 514 6738


Spokin Mountain Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Spokin Mountain Farm’s Premium BC Lamb is Cariboo born and raised. Our 70 acre farm is located on Spokin Mountain, with Hawks Creek flowing right through the pastures, providing plenty of water and top grazing for our animals, as nature intended. Our family farm prides itself by raising our beef, pork, lamb, poultry and eggs based on our motto “Where all things grow with love.” Our beef, lamb and pork are born on our property and we raise them right up to finishing, without the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids. We are committed to operating our farm with the environment in mind, to improve our land and raise nutritious and healthy food.

Please call Todd & Natalie Van Wyck      250-296-4499  or email

Spokin Mountain

Parry Bay Sheep Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Parry Bay Sheep Farm is a mixed farm that has been operating for thirty years in the Metchosin area. We also lease pasture land throughout the region, so our sheep can be seen grazing in the Highlands, North Saanich and the Mount Newton Valley. Our lamb can be found from July to February, in many fine butcher shops and restaurants in Victoria. Our wheat, grown cooperatively with Stillmeadow Farm, is used by Wild Fire Bakery on Quadra Street to make their wonderful whole wheat breads.

We strive to farm in a sensible and sustainable way. We use manures as much as possible for nutrient on our fields, and rotate crops for maximum soil health. It has been great fun to continually experiment with different farming methods, including heritage grains.

John & Lorraine Buchanan

Parry Bay

Otter Lake Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

At Otter Lake Farm, Anna Green and Dan Hopkins, raise and sell Canadian Style Purebred Suffolk Sheep. We sell breeding stock as well as raise lamb for market. Our lambs grow quickly to produce a high quality, lean and muscular carcass.  Customers may choose lamb custom cut to your specifications, sold by the 1/2 or whole lamb. We also sell lamb by the cut. Periodically we have  Sausage, Smokies and Pepperoni available. We accept payment by PalPal on our website

As our name implies we are on Otter Lake, south of Armstrong in the Okanagan Valley and have become appreciators of the seasons on the lake. Our breeding program has developed a strong flock of ewes and rams. They have clean black faces and legs while their bodies are covered with short white wool. They possess the classic Suffolk characteristics with good bone, long loin and a strong croup to enhance any flock or for market.

Farm dogs, Border Collie, Sky, and Australian Shepherd, Ace, help when moving the flock. Our Marema, Rosie, is the protector of the sheep who lives with the flock. Of course, cats and horses are all part of the menagerie.

Farming is the lifestyle we choose, complete with hard work and long winter nights at the barn. It’s all worth it when we get to witness the birth of another crop of healthy lambs. olf_logo_grasses (1)

Home 250-546-6545

Anna 250-549-6541

Dan 778-212-6545

Circle Two Ranch

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Situated at the top of Anarchist Mountain the Circle Two Ranch looks out onto a 180 degree view of fields, mountains, and forests. Grant and Holley purchased the family ranch from Art and Norah at the beginning of 2015. Their two sons are the fourth generation to live on the ranch. Art and Norah once ran the largest purebred Hereford herd in BC. Grant and Holley are now working on building up their cow herd with the help, knowledge, and experience of Art and Norah. They purchased a small herd of Hereford/Angus cross cows and calves in the winter of 2014.

While their herd is small, Grant and Holley buy quality BC yearlings to finish on a grain ration, which Art developed himself. This ration leaves the meat boasting with flavour and tenderness and has their customers wanting more.

In addition to beef, the Harfmans have also added sheep to the ranch. Their small herd of Cheviot cross ewes originated in Saskatchewan. With a Suffolk/Charollais ram and the ability to turn the ewes and lambs out onto 100+ acres to graze, these grass fed lambs finish in September/October. They are well-muscled and turn out to be nice carcasses, one of which won the carcass class at the Rock Creek Fall Fair in 2014.

Circle Two Ranch Facebook Page

Harfman Family

Grant & Holley Harfman


Phoenix Farms

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

We are located in Bridesville, 13 km west of Rock Creek and 37 km east of Osoyoos. We have put all our efforts into putting together a flock of top quality ewews. We are currently running 120 ewes. They are primarily Suffolk and Charolais crosses which produces a fast growing, well-muscled lamb.

Our flock gets prime pasture in the summer and premium quality hay in the winter. We run guard dogs with our livestock to prevent any added stress from predators.

All our animals we raise are born on the property and are raised with the best care possible. They are hormone and steroid free. Our farm consists of beef, pork and lamb. We sell our lamb by the 1/2 or whole. Cut, wrapped and frozen for your convenience.

Phoenix Farms

Brandon “Pete” & Shauna Blaine

Alex, Rylonn, Savanna

Home: 250-446-2070

Pete cell: 250-528-0137

Shauna cell: 250-528-0151

Fir Hill Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

We have had our farm in our family for 130 years with grassfed lamb, free-range chicken and eggs, produce, fruit, flowers, wool and wool products, and more.
We are located on Pender Island in the Gulf Islands of BC, a great place to visit, and sample what is local. Lamb is the island specialty.

When in season, our farm produces blueberries, 3-ply wool & quilt batts, beets, garlic scapes, herb-basil, mesclun mix, red romaine lettuce, swiss chard, and zucchini,

Come to our farm store 4415 Bedwell Harbour Rd, MacDonald Farm Store is in a house built in 1895.

Glenn & Barb Grimmer, 2310 Grimmer Rd, Pender Island, BC    Phone: 250-629-3817/Fax: 250-629-6398/Email:

Fir Hill

Glenbirnam Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Jim and Roma Tingle operate Glenbirnam Farm, located on the Fraser River east of Prince George. Our farm has been in operation for over 45 years. We have a herd of Registered Black Angus cattle and a commercial flock of sheep. We direct market lamb into the local area as well as sell breeding stock, feeder lambs and 4-H lambs. Our ewe flock is predominantly Dorset /Suffolk cross bred to a Charollais ram as a terminal sire.

We offer direct sales of lamb and beef – throughout the year at farm gate and at the Eastline Market in Willow River from June to September.

Phone: 250-963-7301/


Happy Hollow Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Registered Pure Bred Suffolk Sheep

  • Heavy boned, clean fleeced
  • Sprapie resistant genotype tested RR and freedom of Spider syndrome breeding stock is available
  • Show Quality Ewes & Rams
  • Choose from the largest Suffolk flock in BC

Premium Lamb Meat

  • Available Julne to November
  • Average dressed weight 55-60 lbs (25-27 kg)
  • Sold half and whole
  • Naturally Produced, Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Naturally raised with sunshine and fresh air on lush pastures of the Similkameen Valley

Hay Sales

  • Alfalfa/Grass Mixed Hay
  • Ideal for horses, sheep, goats and cattle
  • 175 acres of irrigated hay fields
  • Small square bales
  • Luscious Pesticide Free hay fields, irrigated from the crystal clear waters from the Similkameen River

1193 Hwy 3 East, Princeton, BC     Phone 250-295-6419/Email: Bev at

Happy Hollow

South Peace Colony

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Farmington, BC

Owner: Ben Tschetter

Phone: 250-784-4123

Wind’s Reach Farm

Proud Producer of Premium BC Lamb

Barb Ydenberg

27383 84th Ave
Langley, BC, Canada