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Copper Mountain Farms is in beautiful Cherry Creek just west of Kamloops. The farm raises poultry and also offers processing service to chickens, turkeys and ducks.  The farm was established in 2009 and is operated by Josee Lang and her family.


fvsp logo (1)Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry is a 3 generation family farm based in the beautiful Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Nestled at the base of Vedder Mountain just east of Yarrow, the farm has become a local landmark since the early 1970’s. Known locally as simply ‘the duck & goose’, we provide ducks, geese, specialty chickens, and squab mainly for the large Asian ethnic population in the greater Vancouver area, and for a number of white table cloth restaurants throughout the region. If you have visited Vancouver’s Chinatown and seen the delectable barbecued ducks displayed in store windows, you have seen our products; if you have never tasted one, we urge you to do so!

farmcrest_poultryFarmcrest Specialty Chickens are raised on a family farm in B.C.’s North Okanagan. The family has over 50 years experience raising poultry to the highest humane and ethical standards. The chickens are fed a traditional homemade all vegetable diet of wheat, corn, soya, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals free of animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. Most of these ingredients are grown right on the farm. Having their own on-farm hatchery, feed mill, grow barns and processing plant means that they are assured of the highest standards from beginning to end. They have also eliminated the trucking of live birds. All of these features combine to make their operation unique. The result – a uniquely flavorful and healthy chicken which you will love.


image_16_2Sterling Springs Chicken in beautiful Falkland, BC. is owned and operated by Hans, Lisa, Johanna and Jacob Dueck. Married since 1995, Hans and Lisa moved to the Okanagan in 1996. Hans is a third generation farmer, and grew up doing chores and participating in farm life.  He purchased his first farm at 19 years old and farmed commercially for twenty-five years.  In 2011, the Duecks made a huge change, selling their commercial farm and building their dream farm from the ground up.  One of the many wonderful parts of this new farm is that the whole family can participate together in raising fantastic chickens.  Sterling Springs Chicken is a unique, state-of-the-art poultry growing facility in Falkland, BC.  Our farming philosophy centers around a stress-free life for the birds and a top-quality product.