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Hill Creek Farms

Family farming in northern BC Pastured poultry, pork, and lamb. Weekly and biweekly egg delivery. Contact us now for availability or to reserve your fall

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Glenbirnam Farm

Jim and Roma Tingle operate Glenbirnam Farm, located on the Fraser River east of Prince George. Our farm has been in operation for over 45

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Fir Hill Farm

Our farm raises sheep on pasture as long as the grass grows, with home grown feed and top quality supplemental feed in the winter. We

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Bence Farms

Our family has been farming, in Delta, for three generations, and plan to continue farming for many, many more. We sell fresh, local lamb (cut,

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BC Sheep Federation

What does the Canadian Sheep Federation do? In the last year alone, the CSF has: Met with Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Deputy Minister Andrea Lyon,

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Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost Farm is a small family farm near Williams Lake, British Columbia. We provide naturally raised lamb and produce. We mostly raise South African

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Rodear Meats Ltd

This plant offers custom slaughter and processing services, paper wrap, custom‐scale labels with prices Vacuum packing down to 30 g packages All types of cooked processed products, nitrate free and cured Ham bacon, cooked sausage, jerky Shelf‐stable products This facility does not offer pick up of animals before slaughter (but can provide names of people who will), but will deliver carcasses / products after slaughter under certain circumstances. This facility requests bulls not be over 2000 lbs due to hoist capacity, and certification. It is also requested that animals be off feed for 24 hours before slaughter.

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