Bradner Farms Cattle Co Ltd




The Donaldson family have been farming since 1912 in Bradner. The home farm was pioneered by Rob Donaldson’s grandparents when they moved to Bradner in 1902. It was a homestead, where they cleared the land with horses. They built a barn, and tilled the earth to make it farmable. The first farming operations were a daffodil, tulip farm, and dairy farm. At this time the cows would be mllked by hand and the milk was sold in cans and picked up by horse and buggy to be brought to the processing plant. Rob Sr bought the farm from his parents. At that time, he started poultry, broiler and pigeon farming. When Rob and Pat Donaldson got married, they soon after started dairy farming. At that time they milked 23 cows, while raising the next generation of Donaldson’s, Sarah, Pamela, Robert and Bruce.

Seeing the demand for organic products, Rob and Pat became the leaders in certified organic dairy and poultry farming in Western Canada. Today the farm is comprised of several divisions owned and operated by Rob and Pat’s children and their families. Bradner Farm is a century owned and operated family farm.

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