Helmut's Sausage Kitchen Kelowna




Over 100 years and three generations of European trained sausage makers has made Helmut’s Sausage Kitchen what it is today.


Our Promise

  • Our number one commitment is our consumers satisfaction and well being. We will never stop bettering our products.
  • We carefully select our Canadian suppliers to ensure our materials have been produced using sustainable agriculture best practices and compassionate animal care protocols
  • Committed to your food safety, our focus is the consumer and with that, we ensure to source the finest materials and rely on packaging technology and sanitary procedures, and not, product additives.

Our Community Stewardship

  • Supporting local agriculture matters to us at Helmut’s. We source our materials locally, provided their quality meets our high standards.
  • Our development in advanced environmental controls in our facility ensure for a minimal carbon footprint and promote ecological sustainability.
  • We employ sustainable jobs, in a healthy environment, and actively contribute to our community.

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