Horseshoe Valley Ranch




Horseshoe Valley Ranch is located in the North Peace area, in a small community called Clayhurst, one hour north of Dawson Creek, BC.  HVR (Horseshoe Valley Ranch) is a large scale ranching and farming operation.  In 1952, Ken Esau, with his wife Doreen and their two small boys, left Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan and traveled to British Columbia.  There they were able to homestead and start a small farm.  Ken and his boys, Elvern and Brad, set to work clearing the land of all the trees and making it into farm land.  A lot of sweat and hard work went into getting everything up and working efficiently.

Today, Elvern’s son Stacy has taken over the reins of Horseshoe Valley Ranch.   Stacy and his family produce quality grain finished beef, raised from calves born on the ranch and from neighboring ranches in the Peace River Region.  They use a lower percentage of grain than traditional grain finished beef, which allows them to keep the animal in a more healthy state, naturally, without the use of artificial hormones or growth stimulants.   One unique aspect to the feeding of Horseshoe Valley Ranch beef is the addition of whole peas to the ration.  Stacy believes the peas contribute to healthier animals and healthier beef.

Animal care is a top priority at Horseshoe Valley Ranch.  The animals are raised on pasture until the last 120 days when they are then put on a ration containing hay, grain and peas.  Their handling and feeding systems are designed to promote a low stress environment for the cattle and their employees are all trained in the highest standards of animal care.

Happy Beef is healthy beef at Horseshoe Valley Ranch.

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