Johnston’s is ready to serve you with a fresh and frozen selection of beef, pork, lamb, veal, buffalo, specialty foods and other merchandise. Choose your favorite steak or fine roast and hand cut to your specifications. We sell quality local meats and take exceptional care in making our own delicious smoked products. Of these, we are most well known for our double smoked hams, jerky and farmer sausage.

Our Proud History

Johnston’s was established in 1937 by Mr. Carmen Johnston in Chilliwack, BC. In the beginning, Johnston Packers offered custom slaughtering services and employed only one full-time and one part-time employee. Seventy-four years later, Johnston’s is still in Chilliwack offering custom slaughtering services, but now employs and supports over 120 families in the Fraser Valley.

Johnston’s remains a family-owned business today. Don Ball, Mr. Johnston’s nephew, worked for his Uncle Carmen and purchased the business from Carmen Johnston’s daughter. In 1968, Mr. Ball purchased Henry’s Meat Market on Promontory and relocated Johnston’s up to the new location where it remains to this day.

From one man with a vision, Johnston’s has continued to grow, persevere and adapt to change while maintaining traditional values of family, community, quality and service.

In recent years, the meat industry has changed drastically. Johnston’s and our producers are ready to enter the new era and tackle the increasing challenges with a refreshed image and a focus on what we do best – quality products, old-fashioned service and high value. Johnston’s is the source for quality products from BC producers. We want Johnston’s to be a household name here in British Columbia and be associated with quality products for another seventy plus years.

Animal Care

We believe that animals destined for food markets must be raised with the best treatment practices. Our producers care about the animals they raise – for the animal’s sake, as well as for the farmer & their family, and the consumers. Well cared-for animals provide better returns for producers and higher quality meat products for consumers. At Johnston’s, we are currently developing the Johnston’s Standards, a clear standard of care for all animals that are raised to be delivered to Johnston’s. Our producers are pleased to meet our high standards of animal care and we are happy to work with our producers to assist them in achieving these standards.


Without our producers, Johnston’s is just a name. It is important for us to be fair to the producers that are carefully raising healthy animals for us. Johnston’s continues to work on new ways to communicate with producers and to assist them in any way possible, including an incentive program to ensure that our producers are able to meet the Johnston’s Standards for animal care and food quality. To learn more about Johnston’s producers and their families, visit our Producer Profiles on our website at

Local Products & Markets

Johnston’s is a local company and we support local farmers and businesses. We are able to supply fresh, high quality pork products year-round straight from farms in the Fraser Valley. When you buy Johnston’s you can be assured of buying a fresh product. Products are delivered fresh to our customers within a day of processing.

Did you know that BC pork producers only produce 10% of the pork consumed in BC? Ask your butcher for Johnston’s products or look for the Johnston’s name to guarantee that you are purchasing local BC pork and supporting local producers. We are rooted in British Columbia and where we have committed ourselves to provide the highest quality and safest food for BC families. We are focused on remaining local and providing our products only to BC markets.

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