Kam Lake View Meats




Kam Lake View Meats is a family run Abattoir, purchased 20 years ago by Ron Keely and his father. Located just outside Kamloops in picturesque Cherry Creek, Kam Lake View Meats is nestled among fertile ranch lands, rolling hills, surrounded by mountains. Originally, there was a small butcher shop attached to the house, with a small, free-standing slaughter area. Two years after purchasing the property, Ron built a proper abattoir complete with sausage processing, curing ad smoking facilities. Ten years ago, Ron purchased his father’s share and now runs the operation with his son Ronnie. Seven years ago, the facility was expanded and the premises upgraded to meet the Provincial Meat Inspection Regulations, including addition of coolers & freezers for product storage. Kam Lake View Meats processes beef, pork, sheep, lamb and bison. Processing services are offered, with a custom cut and wrap operation, as well as further processing including sausage, cured meats such as ham and bacon, and beef jerky, which can be provided direct to the customer or accessed through the Chop N Block retail outlet. Kam Lake View Meats primarily does custom processing; some local Kamloops customers include Tobiano Golf Resort, River City Meats, as well as several restaurants around the Kamloops area. Kam Lake View Meats currently employs 8 full time employees, and 3-4 part-timers.

In 2008, Ron opened a retail storefront in Kamloops to serve the ever increasing desire of consumers for locally produced and processed meats. The Chop N Block Deli & Specialty meats provides fresh, local meat, poultry and other products both from Ron’s Abattoir as well as other suppliers from the surrounding area and across BC. Niche products such as wine-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef, free range poultry and many others have attracted a loyal following for the store. In November 2011, Ron unfortunately had to sell the store as he didn’t have enough time to run both the abattoir and the store, but it retains its loyal following, and now is owned and operated by Ron’s previous General Manager, Tom Murphy. For more information on their product offerings, contact Tom at the Chop N Block at (250) 828-8616.

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