Kawano Farms Ltd




Kawano Farms is a family owned business located near the north central British Columbia city of Prince George. It was started over 35 years ago by Larry Noullett, and is now shared with his son Michael. It is operated year-round and employs several additional people locally.

Kawano Farms started as a tiny abattoir operation, and has grown in recent years to encompass the entire red meat industry, including beef and bison as well as ostrich, emu, llama and other specialty meats. Kawano Farms is primarily a processing and custom cut and wrap operation, with a significant wholesale and retail customer base. Halal slaughter services are also offered upon request. Their further processing operation includes smoking, curing, premium sausages, and beef jerky is one of their signature products. Kawano Farms is dedicated to making its business remain as local as possible, with the majority of its producers and customers originating from the immediate surrounding area, doing its part to support the local northern central economy.

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