Kelowna Free Graze Lamb




Ceres Circle Farm is a 36.8 acre livestock farm with a provincial abattoir licensed for sheep, goats and poultry in Kelowna, BC. The farm includes approximately 30 acres of pasture, cross-fenced into paddocks for rotational grazing. Most of the pasture is sub-irrigated low-lying land in the flood plain of Mission Creek and includes sandy loam soil with areas of gravel and muck soil. There is also a hill with silty soil and old-growth Douglas fir and pine trees near a 28 x 56 ft 3-sided lambing and hay shed. A five-acre woodlot supplies firewood for the farmhouse near the abattoir. A drilled registered well supplies two residences, the livestock, the abattoir and trickle-irrigated home gardens. In addition to sheep, the current tenants raise broilers, laying hens and ducks and sell meat, carded wool, hand-tanned sheepskins, eggs and custom slaughter, cut, freeze and wrap services to other farmers.

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