Waikikahei Ranch




Scott and Amy met in France back in 2005. Scott is from New Zealand and Amy is from Scotland. After living in many countries around the world they settled on Canada as it is half way between.

Scott left the glitz and glamour of super yachts in exchange for cowboy boots and tractors! He has two horses, Koru and Anahera. Beef and ranching has always been a passion of Scott’s. After what seems like many years of planning and wishing the dream has become a reality on Waikahei Ranch. Amy often jokes ” I fell in love with a glamorous Yachty. I could have stayed in Scotland and married a farmer!”

Amy, also involved in the yachting industry, retrained to be an Equine Therapist before the birth of their first child. She is the owner of Kheiron College and works on horses around the province. She has two horses, Wyatt and Navajo and is more than happy to follow Scott to realize his dream of raising beef. She is a strong advocate for ETHICAL meat, or as the kids like to say, HAPPY meat.

Now the kids, Callum is 9, Iona is 7 and Rhiann is 4.

Callum recently got his very own horse, Halley, a 21yr old retired Standardbred. He rides her solo on the trail and is looking forward to starting lessons again after the move. He is a keen soccer player and loves playing minecraft and reading. The kids recently took to the ski slopes here in Greenwood and Callum has become quite the ski-bum!

Iona is in love with her Allie. Allie is an 18yr old 14’3 paint cross with a lot of heart and more than a little attitude, but she melts around Iona and they are a match made in heaven. She loves riding, reading, painting and playing soccer, and recently in this beautiful winter has discovered a talent for skiing.

Rhiann is the baby of the family. She too has her own horse, Paea, a BLM Mustang from Oregon that Scott picked out. She loves trotting on the trails, arts and crafts and playing soccer, and is also a great wee skier!

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