The Poultry Industry in BC is vibrant and growing, and BC’s locally owned and operated poultry processors are excited to be a part of that.
Virtually all types of poultry are produced for you right here in BC:

• Broiler chickens – mainstream chicken, heritage breeds, organic chicken, free-range, and more

• Asian specialty chickens – a head-and-feet-on product destined primarily for the Chinese marketplace

• Silkie chickens – a white feather / black skinned chicken that is an Asian delicacy

• Turkeys – roasters and heavy toms – mainstream, organic, and free range

• Ducks – a variety of species, prepared for all markets, including the Chinese marketplace, high-end white table cloth restaurants, and the home chef

• Geese – Holiday treats, and for Chinese barbecue markets,

• Quail, Squab, Pheasant – prepared for all markets

Provincially licensed and inspected poultry processing facilities located in your community provide safe, wholesome, and delicious poultry products that you and your family will enjoy.