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What does Inspected Meat mean?

Inspected meat means that a third party government body has visually checked the health of the live animal to ensure it is fit for human consumption. They also check the meat and organs to ensure the animal is healthy and has no disease or underlying health issues. Inspected meat is checked for contamination and is confirmed to be fit for human consumption.

What is Grass Fed Lamb and Beef?

The term grass fed is used when the animal’s diet consist mainly of grass and forage. In Canada, there is no officially recognized definition or program that outlines what the animal’s diet must be in order to claim as ‘grass fed’.

Research into grass fed animals indicates that there is a good balance of important Omega-3 and Omega-6 in the meat.

What is Grain Finished Beef?

Like grass fed, the animal spends the majority of its life eating grass and forage in pastures. When beef is grain finished, that means that the last months before processing it is fed grain to reach a balance of meat to fat content.

Commercial beef is typically grain finished.


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