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Introducing our recipe authors:

We are very grateful to BC authors Judie Steeves, Laura Kalina and Cheryl Christian  for contributing some of their favorite recipes and food prep tips to our website.  They are passionate about locally produced foods and healthy eating and are great supporters of “BC Meats for BC Markets”.


Laura Kalina is a registered Dietitian (RD) and has worked for the last 20 years as a public health Dietitian in the area of food security and community development. She is has written numerous books including, Building Food Security in Canada:  From Hunger to Sustainable Food Systems

Laura has a passion for sharing the importance of healthy eating and cellular nutrition in the prevention of chronic disease – in particular the management of diabetes through low glycemic eating.  Her most recent publication, co-authored with Cheryl Christian, is Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes directed towards families.  She has a daughter with type 1 Diabetes so is very familiar with the challenges that families face.

Cheryl Christian is a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer in British Columbia, Canada.  As a mother of two, Cheryl understands the need for families and individuals of all ages to make healthier choices when it comes to meal planning. It was through her desire to help her overweight son that she embarked on a lengthy personal journey of researching a healthy weight loss plan.  Her search ended when she began studying the effects of weight management through low-Glycemic eating.  Eight years later, Cheryl co-authored “Low-glycemic Meals in Minutes”, an invaluable resource for families and individuals. Her idea for Pre-cook days and the Quick Prep Method has helped thousands wishing to have fast yet healthy meals from home.  Along with co-author Laura Kalina, Low G.I. Meals provides corporate wellness talks, public lectures, as well as private consultations for both individuals and families.

JudieSteeves2Judie Steeves, Jude’s Kitchen is a celebration of agriculture in B.C., with more than 200 recipes for foods that originate from every part of the province, including meat, fish, dairy, fruit, vegetables and grains.  It’s arranged by the seasons so cooks can be inspired by what’s fresh and local in planning meals during every month of the year.  It includes recipes for every meal of the day, and for many occasions throughout the year.

Jude’s Kitchen evolved from her weekly food column, from Jude’s Kitchen written since 1998, and published in the Kelowna Capital News, as well as in Country Life in B.C.  It’s distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing of Kelowna and available through bookstores around the province, or on the web, at




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